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General Contractual Terms and Conditions


These General Contractual Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to only as the: GCTC) contain rights and obligations of the company Colorspecial s.r.o. (with registered seat at: Špitálska 61, 81108 Bratislava – Slovak Republic), tax identification number: SK2023060578; (hereinafter referred to only as the: Provider) and Customer (hereinafter referred to only as the: Customer) using electronic commercial services of the website operated by the Provider (the Provider and the Customer hereinafter referred to only as: Contracting Parties).

General information

General Contractual Terms and Conditions apply for all such electronic commercial services that are conducted by means of the internet shop operated by the company Colorspecial. The Provider accepts orders without geographical limitation; however, in the case of registration of addresses falling outside the area of providing services it is not possible to continue in the ordering process, as the system will not offer the customer any option for transport method.

Purchase in the internet shop is possible by sending an electronic order in manner as specified in these GCTC.


The registration at least in scope of entering obligatory data is necessary for the customer to be able to order goods from the internet shop. If the registration is successful, we inform the customer by an automatically sent email message; the email address shall be confirmed by clicking on the electronically sent link.  



  1. You can examine properties and price of products at the information page of the specific product. Further information related to specific products will be provided to you by our customer service. Photos displayed for individual products do not always reflect the reality and we do not bear any liability for them!
  2. In case of an online purchase, the Customer represents by sending an order that s/he agrees with these General Contractual Terms and Conditions and that s/he shall consider them statutory in relation to him/her.
  3. The Customer is entitled, in case of orders sent via the internet shop, to withdraw from the purchase after entering the order but prior to the performance of the same. The Customer is obliged to notify such requirement via email or telephone to specified contacts of the Provider. No financial compensation will be in such case required from the Customer.  

    The Customer is obliged to receive goods and to pay for ordered goods delivered cash on delivery. The Customer will be informed about the final amount upon entering the order, before the final confirmation of the same.
  4. The Customer can change all data necessary for the issuance of an invoice at will during the finalization process of the order.
  5. The Provider delivers products by means of a courier service; the Customer can chose from several options in relation to the delivery date.


  1. Prices at the website are stipulated always excl. VAT, with the exception if not stipulated otherwise!
  2. The website stipulates and calculates all prices in the Euro currency. Prices stipulated at the website in local currencies are only of informative nature - the conversion is performed automatically with the current central rate. The final amount can therefore in case of payment with payment card slightly differ from the amount stipulated for the product in local currency - in dependence from the exchange rate of the bank institution, which issued your payment card!
  3. The Provider reserves the right to change prices published at the website, whereas the price shall come into force immediately by the moment of publishing it at the website. Changes do not apply to prices of already ordered goods.


  1. The Provider specifies in every case possibilities for the delivery of goods, depending on the price and weight thereof, as well prices, which are stipulated including packaging fee.
  2. In case of an address falling outside the area of goods delivery it is not possible to continue with the ordering and payment process as the system will not offer any options for goods delivery! 
  3. The Provider shall deliver ordered product(s) within the delivery date as specified by the Customer; if that is not possible, the Customer shall be informed about such fact in writing. 
  4. Delivery of goods, in case of cash on delivery also collection of cash, shall be performed by the contractual partner of the Provider.
  5. We deliver goods to following countries: Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Germany, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia.

Payment conditions

  1. Our internet shop offer our Customers several options to make the payment - options depend on delivery and invoice address.
    • Payment card (VISA, MASTERCARD)
    • Payment card via PayPal system
    • Cash on delivery - payment upon reception of goods

Unsuccessful delivery of goods

  1. In case of unsuccessful delivery, the courier service will leave you a notice and attempt a repeated delivery of goods in new, agreed date. After the second unsuccessful attempt for delivery we charge costs for the delivery of goods twice.  
  2. The Provider does not bear any liability for delivery marred by fault of the Customer and non-compliance with the delivery date; the Customer is obliged to receive the shipment.
  3. Costs for the repeated delivery of goods in case the goods could not be delivered by fault of the Customer shall be borne in any case by the Customer.


  1. The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without stating any reasons within 8 days from the date of reception of goods. In case the Customer decides so, s/he is obliged to observe following conditions:
    • goods must be returned to the address specified in the invoice
    • returned goods must be damage-free and unpacked in the original packaging.
    • withdrawal from the contract is valid only in case the goods is returned to the sender within 8 days from the date of the reception of the same
    • The Provider is obliged to pay the purchase price of goods to the Customer in full amount only in case the goods are damage-free and unpacked. Costs incurred by the damage to the packaging shall be borne by the Customer.
  2. The Provider is obliged after the reception of returned goods after deduction of delivery costs without unnecessary delay, but not later than within 30 days, return to the Customer the outstanding amount; or after mutual agreement it is possible to purchase in the shop for the outstanding amount.
  3. In case the above conditions are not observed, the withdrawal from the contract unfortunately cannot be accepted and in such case the goods will be returned back to the Customer.
  4. The Provider can claim compensation of damage caused by using the goods in manner not corresponding to the purpose of use.


Contracting parties shall in case of any complaint proceed according to the good will principle

The Customer is obliged to check personally the condition of goods for the purpose of use. In case s/he wishes to raise an objection with regard to the quality or quantity, s/he is obliged o inform the Provider about the same in writing within 8 days from the date of reception of goods.

If the objection is justified, the Provider shall on the grounds of an agreement with the Customer indemnify the Customer. The indemnification can be constituted by exchange of goods, discount from the price of goods, new delivery and so on.

The quality of colours in each case corresponds to the description of the manufacturer and strict technical requirements of devices, despite which Customers can use them according to this orn discretion, but in such case the Provider does not bear any liability for possible negative consequences.

The Provider provides warranty for heads for exclusively self-reset devices, in the case of such requirement you can get more information from our customer service.

All information necessary for correct usage of devices can be found at the website of the Provider and are available also by means of other information channels of the Provider, which implies that the Provider does not bear any liability for incorrect usage.

The Provider provides 30-day warranty for delivered goods, we can therefore accept objection to quality only for goods purchased 30 days ago at maximum.

Keeping records of data

  1. The Customer agrees that the Provider can electronically record and process data provided by the former to the latter. The Provider is not entitled to hand over data to any third party, except for the case when the third party in contract performance is the contractual partner/subsupplier of the Provider.  
  2. Data entered during registration can be changed or deleted at any time by the Customer.
  3. The Provider is entitled to change these GCTC at any time. Possible changes shall enter into force upon their publication on the website.

Other issues not stipulated by these GCTC shall be governed by provisions of respective legal regulations, especially the Civil Code.

September 2010 - Bratislava