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Enjoy premium services of global companies throughout Europe! It can be either printer conversion, bulk feed system installation or unique colour profile for any media.

These are available for you, in many cases for free-of-charge!

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About us

Our company mission is to make quality ink more popular and widely available on digital markets.In our running world no one has time to make tests with different raw materials - by taking the risks of the incidental expenses of the failures.

Choose the reliability and safety of the global companies!

Therefore you can find only the best products in our webshop!
All of the producers of distributed products own several decades of experience in ink production, their developments are tested by printhead supplier companies - in several cases they also produce inks for machine producers which are sold by their own brandname. These global companies do not save on the quality of the raw material but they can still provide you very favourable prices!

How can it be possible?

For more and more printing houses reliability and favourable prices are even more important than before. And that is not all! Besides ink we also provide several premium services to our clients - all over in Europe which include either minor technical issues, colour profiles or conversion of major industrial systems.

We believe that quality and favourable prices of the products distributed by us will gain your trust!

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